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Be Present | Celebrating Birthdays! | Celebrate Self | Final Countdown to my 50th Birthday | Days: 03, 02, & 01

Celebrating Others:

Original Canva creation by Lorraine J. LYLT Expressions

Celebrating Self:

Original Canva creation by Lorraine J. LYLT Expressions

I started writing this article yesterday Sunday May 29, 2022. That was Day One of my “countdown to 50” series and I am now officially 50 years old, and it feels so good! I woke up this morning a new woman who is ready to start a new chapter in my life. I don’t know what the future holds for me and my family, but I am looking forward to the journey with Hope, Joy and Faith!

If you have been following the countdown you’ve noticed that I missed writing an article for the last three days. This happened both accidentally and also naturally. I knew that I had plans to go to my Goddaughter’s house on Saturday and may not get a moment to write and that I more than likely will not take the time to write on Sunday so writing on Friday made sense.

With that in mind my original plan was to write a combination article that would highlight the last three days of the countdown, days; three, two and one on Friday so that I would not have to write an article on Saturday or Sunday. I even had the title ready and written out. It was going to be: “Three, Two, One Happy Birthday!” A little cheesy I know but it was what I had at the time.

The Accidental Omission of an Article

With the title ready and the idea in mind I moved about the day doing other things that needed to be completed. Then as the evening progressed while spending time with my husband and bonus mother (his mom) I realized that I lost track of time and had not yet written the article. Not wanting to write so late into the night like I often do, I decided that I would just go ahead a wait until Saturday to write it instead.

The Natural Omission of an Article

Ask me how I thought I would be able to write an article while visiting with my Goddaughter. Not really possible right? Of course, it wasn’t. This is why I planned to write on Friday. Naturally this meant that Saturday May, 28 day two was going to be a bust, and a bust it was but in a good way.

I had such a good time with my Goddaughter seeing how she is maturing in her young adult life and doing so well and getting settled in her new place. It was Life Affirming to see her happy so doing anything that felt like or was work was out of the question.

Instead, I focused on being present in the moment with her both mentally and physically. That is what I want to start my New Life Journey with; the mindset to always Be Present in the moment I am in.

Reflection on this 25-day Journey

On May 5th I started this countdown to 50 journey with an article titled:

25/50: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation and Family. The first paragraph of the article provides a little bit of insight on who I am as a person outside of being a writer. Below is an excerpt from first paragraph:

“Birthdays and Anniversaries

25 years ago, I married my husband at 25 years old and today (May 5,2022) is the 25-day countdown to my 50th birthday. My husband turned 50 in February of this year so you could say that 2022 is a very exciting year for us. We’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage in July at 50 years old, and no we really didn’t plan this at all.”

In this article I also discuss the fact that we are preparing to be empty nesters because my baby is graduating high school in a week and preparing to go to college on campus in the fall. Click on the link below to read the full article for more details about why turning 50 was so exciting and special for me aside from the fact that it is a milestone age for anyone to reach.

There are a lot changes ahead for me and my husband that I want to be able to approach with an open mind, Faithfully with Hope and Joy. One of the ways I believe we can all approach change is by being fully present in the moment we are in without splitting our attention in several directions at once.

Be Present

Every year I have thoughts that I have come to define as “Epiphany of Maturity ©” because they are enlightened thoughts formed from an experience I had at that moment. Often times there is a bigger lesson that I am meant to receive from that “Epiphany of Maturity” that does not always come right away. Last April was one of those times, I can’t even remember what happened at the time but what I wrote down on that day has a clearer meaning to me now than it did then.

Original Canva creation by Lorraine J. LYLT Expressions

“The moments and the seconds are both important but when you speed up the moments or the seconds you lose the ones that are important because you are not focusing on them. When you don’t focus on them what needs to be seen is not visible and therefore cast aside which changes the outcome of the whole situation.” ~Lorraine J.

How does it change the outcome? Simply put when we move so fast rushing through the day trying to make sure we fit everything in to one 60 minute hour the seconds are lost and the minutes fly by. This happens so fast that you don’t even realize that you missed something important or significant.

What I am saying is when you split your attention between two things at once more often than not one thing will get more attention than the other. The one that gets less attention does not come out as well as it should or would have if it were given the full attention it deserved.

It’s easy to multi-task or talk to someone about something important while working on something else and think that things went well. However, you will find that there was something important about the conversation that you missed or maybe you made a minor mistake on what you were working on.

This is why being present in the moment is important and learning to do so will help eliminate minor issues like that. Not only that it is only fair to the person you are talking to to give them your full attention “active listening”; after all you would want them to do the same for you.

Here’s to new chapters in life | Being present in the moment

Looking forward to the journey of life affirming Epiphanies of Maturity with Hope, Joy and Faith!



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