I Don’t Have Time to Put You in My Psyche and Keep You There

Celebrate Self | Keep Your Mental Space Free |Countdown to my 50th Birthday | Day 24

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Statement: I Don’t Have Time to Put You in My Psyche and Keep You There

Recently I had to remind myself that there are people in our lives that can take up the space in our mind by all the things that they need, all the things they want and or everything they need our help and assistance with. Either way they are actively trying to place themselves at the top of our list of important people having the audacity to think that they come first even before yourself.

A few years ago, I was in this type of situation with people I was in ministry with, and I remember thinking “why do they think that they are so important that I am supposed to drop everything to cater to their needs?” That was when my spirit said to me in response:

“Don’t allow others to consume me to the point where I become saturated with their problems thus making my life more hectic!”

If you find that you are in this type of situation today, I am here to tell you that it is not okay to allow someone to be so overbearing that they cause you aggravation. Instead remind yourself of this statement:

“Don’t allow others to consume you to the point where you become saturated with their problems thus making your life more hectic!”

And if you need to tell them directly:

“I Don’t have time to put you in my psyche and keep you there.”

Then politely hang up the phone, walk away or mute the text message, do whatever you have to do to keep your mental space free and clear of other people’s clutter. Do it and don’t feel bad about it. Believe me that person knows they are consuming you but, in their mind, it is okay because you are always there to meet their needs and that that is what you are there for. Understand that this is not fair to you, and it is up to you to change that. So, celebrate Yourself by keeping your mental space free!



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Lorraine J. (NjoyPeace)

Lorraine J. (NjoyPeace)

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