Myself is who I am all day every day and my hope is that you are Yourself all day everyday too. I live by the statement that "It's a GREAT Day to be YourSelf, doing otherwise is just too stressful". Life is hard enough as it is, trying to be someone you are not just makes it even harder.

I see you have landed on my "About" page thank you for taking a rest hear. Since you are here let me tell you a little about me.

Personal: Who is Lorraine (NjoyPeace)?

There are many parts of me, I am more than just one thing. I do not define myself as "just a" anything, no, I am a very versatile person who can adapt to many different atmospheres and move fluidly through the present moment. Some of the many things that I am are: *Creative Writer*, *Author* & *Artist*.

In my heart I have been a writer for many years, writing in my personal diaries and journals. I self-published my first book about 15 years ago but quickly took it off the market (it just didn't look right to me at the time). It was a "Life experience" book about my family and son living with Type 1 Diabetes that I have recently decided to update, revise and republish. However, my life journey has taken me on so many other flights (career paths) that I am just now touching down on the writer's landing pad for a serious flight as a writer and author. So here I am moving into a different stage of life embarking on the act of writing on a regular basis while slowly building my creative arts business.

You will find that I do not fit into one box or genre of writing style as most say one should. Instead, I write about a variety of topics depending on what mood I am in at the time and share from my heart. If what I am writing about is not going to touch someone out of love or with a goal to give positive advice on a subject, then it does not get published.

Professional: Business

In 2020 I started working on building LYLT Expressions a one-woman creative arts company and in May 2022 I also started a Publication here on Medium with the same name:

LYLT Expressions the company is a work in progress but, will offer a unique line of books and other stationery products. I am currently working on self-publishing a children's book, a Self-Help book and creating personal journals.

LYLT is derived from the literary word: "lilt" and is defined as: 1. A cheerful or lively manner of speaking, in which the pitch of the voice varies pleasantly. 2. Verb: lilt -articulate in a very careful and rhythmic way (Copyright © 2003-2017 Farlex, Inc Disclaimer).

I chose to name my company with the verb definition of the word in mind and changed the spelling to LYLT as a term of endearment for my father whose favorite line was “Love You Like That”. He always spoke those words with such enthusiasm to his daughters and anyone else he loved. It was only fitting that it be used when expressing and promoting Love through the arts.

The publication LYLT Expressions – Medium is designed to be a *Writer's Showcase* that shares stories and articles that promote a *Love for self*, *Life Lessons* and ways to *NjoyPeace*. I hope you will follow my journey.

See your Life in a Whole New LYLT, Love ❤ You Like That! (LYLT)

Lorraine J. (NjoyPeace)

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Editor of LYLT Epxressions



Lorraine J. (NjoyPeace)

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