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My 25/50 Year | Significant dates that define my family

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Birthdays and Anniversaries

25 years ago, I married my husband at 25 years old and today (May 5,2022) is the 25-day countdown to my 50th birthday. My husband turned 50 in February of this year so you could say that 2022 is a very exciting year for us.

We’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage in July at 50 years old, and no we really didn’t plan this at all. We didn’t plan any of the unique dates that happen to be significant in our lives, I’ll get back to them in a minute. I guess you could say God, Buda, the Divine, the Spirit world or whoever you place your faith in, planned it all for us.

We are not usually ones for big celebrations of our birthdays or anniversaries, we don’t like to make big deals out of any of them which surprises most people when they hear that since my husband is also a Leap Year baby. On the years that he actually has a birthday it is challenging for his family and I to keep birthday celebrations a secret because if it were up to him, he wouldn’t even celebrate every 4 years.

Most people would jump at the chance to have a huge party on their birthday since they do not have one every year, but not him. He would be just fine having his immediate family with him and that’s it.

Honestly, I am the same way. I do not like having parties or making big deals out of my birthday or Mother’s Day. I prefer small intimate affairs so as long as I have my husband, kids and my immediate family (when or if they are in the area at the time) I’m happy.

This year is a little different though. How can it not be? We are celebrating 25 years of marriage and yes, we are still very happily married, and enjoying growing into our golden years together starting at 50! Hence the title 25/50! In today’s world that is truly something to celebrate, so that is what we are going to do somehow. We haven’t quite decided exactly how we are going to celebrate our anniversary, but we know it is going to be something we will always remember.

Family and Graduation

We are due for a celebration or just a couple of “good job” pats on our backs for all that we have accomplished and even our failures. 2022 is also the year that makes us empty nesters! Yup, another exciting reason to celebrate. This is the year our daughter turns 30 in June, our first son turns 24 in July (also the month we got married in, again not planned) and our youngest son just turned 18 in April. Notice the unique/unplanned age differences here? All of our children are 6 years apart.

Our daughter has been on her own for several years of course and has two children so yes, I am also a grandmother. Our oldest son has an associated degree in welding and even though he still lives with us he is pretty independent working 2 jobs and taking care of all of his own needs, and our youngest son will be graduating high school a month from now and heading to a university in the fall. Needless to say, this will be a year to remember for us.

Embracing Life

Original Canva creation by Lorraine J.

Never one to fret about my age or getting older turning 50 is exciting to me. I have welcomed every age when I reached it because I believe that age is nothing but a number. Most people would say that I do not look like I am about to be 50 years old. My husband still looks about 35–40 himself. People are always in awe of him when he tells them his age.

Most people cannot believe that we are old enough to have grown children and believe me there are times when my body reminds me that I am no “spring chicken”. However, at the end of the day I do not feel my age and I still see life as a something to be lived freely and as fully as possible.

For me this means appreciating the fact that I have lived for a half of century. I am so thankful and grateful for the life that I have so I am going to be excited for it every day even when I am not having the best day. One way I am going to do that is to start by celebrating myself starting today with a 25-day countdown to my 50th birthday. Each day I will write a brief article celebrating life in some way that is significant to me but speaks to others as well. Part of my celebrating me is to celebrate others so whatever this year means to you I hope that these next 25 days help you celebrate that.



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Lorraine J. (NjoyPeace)

*Author* *Creator* *Artist* follow me & LYLT Expressions Publication: Browse my “About” page for more info.